Music Lessons in Randburg


Music Lessons in Randburg:

Music Lessons in Randburg

Music School of Note is located in Randburg, Northriding.

We offer music lessons for all learners. We start teaching learners from 5 years of age and teach adults of all ages. Our oldest student was 87 years old, which proves that age is just a number!

Music lessons are held at our premises in Randburg. We offer piano, guitar, flute, drum and singing/vocal lessons. Lessons are affordable and done in a friendly learning environment. All you need is an instrument, passion and a teacher to guide you.

Music teachers:

O’Shaughnessy once said: “We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams”. Our teachers make and dream music. They desire to help you fulfil your dream! Furthermore, our teachers are professional musicians with years of teaching experience. But most importantly, they are passionate about music and people. 

Music Syllabus:

Our music syllabus is designed to inspire and develop musicians in all skill levels. First of all, we have beginner, intermediate and advanced syllabuses. Secondly, we teach different music styles, which includes gospel, contemporary and classical music. Thirdly, we explain theory, teach scales and help you learn songs. Lastly, our syllabus includes hearing, sight reading, improvisation and composition training in our courses. 

Music Platforms:

Music is a performing art. According to Bono: “Music can change the world, because it can change people.”. This statements reflects the importance of music. We consequently create performance platforms for our learners. This takes place in the form of concerts, recitals, competitions or examinations. Every experience is constructed to boost your skill and self-esteem.

The Importance of Music:

Music is important for a person’s well-being and development. In fact, music reduces stress, improves dopamine levels and can improve your IQ-level with up to 7 points! If music is on your bucket-list, now is a great time to start.

Contact us for more information and build a solid music foundation today. Come and join us for amazing music lessons in Randburg.

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