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Our mission is to help others discover their passion for music and develop their unique talent in a fun environment.

Teaching learners since 2010

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Thired generations of music teachers in the family

It all started with my grandmother, and passed down through the generations.

Musical family

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I am an experienced music teacher who is passionate about music. Music lessons are the best adventure one can have, that both teaches and inspires the soul. I have been sharing music with others for ten wonderful years.

I have found that music not only inspires the soul, but decreases stress, improves health and gives the brain a total workout! The best part about music is, that it is fun!

Age is definitely only a number. My eldest pianist was 87 years old and always wanted to play an instrument. She said that music helped her mind remain young and agile. My youngest pianist was 5 years of age and was inspired to “grow up and be like Beethoven”.

If you have a dream come and realise it at the Music School of Note!

playing guitar

Keira Meakings


I am a passionate guitar and piano teacher. I have been playing for many years and have loved every minute of it.

Music is everywhere. It has the power to inspire us to become better people. It has many benefits including improving one’s memory by exercising both sides of the brain. I enjoy teaching because I love seeing people grow and learn something so versatile and valuable.

Music School of Note is dedicated to inspire and empower people with musical knowledge and skill.

Let's Make Music.

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