5 Reasons Why You Should Start Playing an Instrument

Playing a music instrument has many benefits according to studies. If “LEARNING AN INSTRUMENT” is on your bucket list, here are 5 reasons why you should start.

1. Music can make you happy

Has music ever made you feel like dancing? It can strongly influence a person’s mind and emotions.  This is because music stimulates the brain, releases endorphins and gives you a great sense of achievement. 

Playing music can make you and others happier.  In fact, it releases a feel-good hormone called Dopamine.

Most importantly as you practice and become more experienced, you will master challenges. This will lead to a great sense of achievement and boost your self-confidence as a result.

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2. Playing a music instrument can make you smarter

Did you know that learning how to play a new instrument is like a workout for your brain? It helps your mind access many senses such as vision, hearing, touch and motor skills, all at once.

Playing an instrument can:

  • help you improve your memory by activating both sides of your brain, consequently strengthening the brain’s pathways.
  • enhance your coordination. In fact, this takes place when your mind reads notes and converts that information into movement.
  • enable you to boost your math skills by activating the mathematics side of your mind. This is a result of using time signatures, note types and note patterns regularly in music.
  • improve your reading and comprehension skills by learning a new musical language. Furthermore, reading music notes requires you to translate what is seen into music.
3. Music Reduces Stress and Anxiety

When you visit a spa, soothing music is played to help you relax. Similarly, studies have shown that listening to and playing music reduces anxiety. Most importantly, music therapy is proven to lower levels of depression and anxiety as well as treating autism, depression and ADHD.

Therefore, playing a music instrument can be a great form of therapy, in addition to satisfying the need to unwind. It can be used as a tool to express your feelings and act as an outlet for difficult emotions. Further more, music can soothe a tired mind and provide a much needed distraction from a stressful day.

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4. Playing a Music Instrument Improves Your Mental Health

In addition, music can help you become a healthier person, mentally and emotionally. The artistic aspects of music is like no other form of art.

Firstly, it can be very helpful for those who struggle with ADHD. Rhythm and melodic patters helps these learners improve their focus and self-control skills. The rhythmic structure in music helps calm the mind enabling it to regulate itself and concentrate more effectively.

Secondly, music helps stimulate the brain. Research shows that it increases dopamine levels, which controls a person’s memory, attention span and motivation levels.

5. Music Increases Discipline and Social Skills

Learning an instrument isn’t easy. In fact it take time and effort. However, regularly practicing results in developing perseverance, discipline and responsibility. This takes place as a result of managing your time and skill until you have perfected a piece.

Furthermore, playing a music instrument helps you boost your confidence. Joining a music school and performing at their concerts helps you practice speaking and playing in public. Thereafter, it is important to participate in a band that is on your skill level. This will provide you with the opportunity to hone leadership and team-work skills and therefore teach you how to work with others.

Therefore, why not give the art of learning an instrument a try? Challenge yourself and become a singer, guitarist, pianist or flautist. Become the musician that you always wanted to be!

At Music School of Note it is easy and fun to learn a music instrument with private one-on-one lessons.

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